Thursday, January 19, 2006

Building institutions for public sector professionalism in Central and Eastern Europe

Among the variety of different topics and lines of enquiry established during the course of the CEE transition are two quite complicated and less developed issues:
1) the processes of public sector professionalization and
2) building institutional infrastructure for public sector professionalism (IIPSP).

We assume that the CEE transition is, a reality of institutional transformation and institutional building.

In that context we have to concentrate on conceptions which reflect the entire construction of the process of societal reproduction and are therefore capable of capturing the elusive reality of transition in form adequate for operationalization and practical interventions. Our study built on the hypothesis that the profession is such a conception and a proper set of polymorphous institutions. We also assume that the complexity of IIPSP demands extensive multi-disciplinary research, complex public policy changes and well-grounded re-formations.

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