Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Learning in action!!!

Since few years in whole Europe we have been observing a transformation of self-government units from unpleasant and bureaucratic into modern and well-managed units. More and more cities are trying to attract foreign investors and tourists, supporting local communities by active cooperation with NGOs and business, helping citizens in fast & effective solving all their problems. EU City is respond of AIESEC to these trends.

Public administration is, broadly speaking, the implementation of policy within a state framework. The adjective 'public' denotes 'government', though it often encompasses nonprofit organizations, as well. It is different from private administration. A good working definition is, "taking care of the state's, and international organizations', business by civil servants within the executive branch of government, other than public policy."

A short introduction in the world of learning for our trainees...What is public administration, what impact can intergration of EU have, how can we make a change...and how can we create amazing experiences for our interns..

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