Thursday, February 16, 2006

AIESEC alumnus, elected as new President of Portugal

Portugal's former centre-right prime minister Anibal Cavaco Silva, who has vowed to help revive a stagnant economy, narrowly won a presidential election on Sunday in the first round, official results showed.

Mr. Silva, the former Prime Minister of Portugal held the democratic position of a Prime Minister for 10 years. Though Mr. Silva’s leadership experience and positions started in way back to when he was in university and was a member of AIESEC. He was Vice-President of the AIESEC local office in ISCEF, Lisbon. Mr. Silva joined AIESEC in 1959 and through participating in various activities developed his network and his leadership skills.

Mr. Silva was also involved in the expansion of AIESEC in Brazil and Africa. He went on to work for the organization for 2 years during his university life.

Apart from bring involved in work, it is through AIESEC that Mr.Silva was able to build his network in and outside Portugal by participating in various national conferences in Portugal.

He has always admired AIESEC and still supports the organization through way of an endorsement. The last time he said ‘“AIESEC is an open space for achievements in the modern world for young students of economics and management”.

Mr. Silva is an alumnus of AIESEC and is one of the many political leaders this organization has give the initial platform to gain leadership experience. Some of the other leaders in the world that are alumni of the organization are Mr. Maarti Athisaari, former President of Finland, Mr. Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland, Helmut Kohl, former chancellor of Germany and many more.

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