Friday, March 03, 2006

2 new traineeships in Macedonia, 1 matched

We have 2 new traineeships in Macedonia. Secretariat for European Affairs offers 2 internships with following job descriptions:
  • TN-In-MK-SK-2006-1458: Trainee will responsible for organizing events, trainings, logistical and technical support of the unit. As an outcome of the traineeship, there should be research organized, contacts with institutions abroad established and trainings&events organized. More info...
  • TN-In-MK-SK-2006-1462: Trainee will responsible for development of Strategy for Information and Public communication, conducting research of the Strategy for Information and Public communication, presentations for informative purposes for the Strategy and organizing events in concordance with the Secretariat. More info...
The other good news is that a traineeship in Unit of local self-government Gorce Petrov is matched with Maarika KIRIKMÄE from Estonia, LC Tartu (SN-In-EE-TU-2006-1387). Congratulations!


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